• Is Tim Bouquet on Twitter?

You can find Tim Bouquet here on Twitter 

  • Is Tim Bouquet on Facebook?

You can find Tim Bouquet here on Facebook

  • I want to read the Tim Bouquet books in order. Where do I start?

These books are not a series so you can start anywhere. In terms of the order of publishing, begin with Cold Steel, then 617 and Cut and Run.

  • How does Tim balance his journalism and fiction writing?

Everything is driven by deadlines--and getting paid--but the contrast in the demands of publishers and magazines provides the balance. One feeds off the other. If a chapter is proving tricky there is always a 2,000-word feature to write about something completely different. Agility is good.

  • Does Tim speak at public events and book signings?

Yes. It's good to meet readers. Unlike writers they usually get straight to the point.

  • Where can I buy the Jack Hubbard books and ebooks?

From Amazon. 

  • What advice does Tim have for aspiring writers?

Write every day; it is all about discipline. Some start with plot, others with characters, but once you have started to write a book get that first draft done and don't stop until you have. It is easy to spend weeks crafting a perfect chapter, but that is all you will end up with. The fun bit is working on the second draft. And remember that in crime novels, as in real life, it is not so much the 'what' as the 'why' that keeps a reader hooked.


  • I love Tim's novels. Which other authors might I enjoy?

Try these: Elmore Leonard, James Ellroy, Tom Rob Smith, Michael Dibdin.